The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 14th and 14 Weeks!

Well, now I am officially 15 weeks!! 
But last week was so much fun with my Valentine
as we celebrated the 14th and being 14 weeks pregnant.
We recently had our first trimester screen and got
to see our little babe kicking and waving! 
It was the most amazing thing,
it ALMOST feels real now.
Valentines started with me surprising Chris with a cake.
And it's not your average cake.
It's the most scrumptious strawberry cake
made by the clerk at my unit at the hospital.
It's real, southern, delicious, homemade goodness.
And I've enjoyed almost all of it
because unfortunately Chris has decided to be
on a health kick!
He's crazy.  But he did splurge and enjoy a couple
of slices.
Then the next day we had a lovely candlelit
Crepes are one of our absolute favorite things in the world,
and we've become pros at making them.
Later on we tried out a new restaurant that's right on
the lake by our house and it was delicious.
When we were on our way into the movie theater
after dinner, it started snowing!!
Although I'm a Utah girl at heart,
I've never been a huge fan of snow.
But since living in Oklahoma and it happening so rarely,
it was such a treat and was the cherry on top
to our Valentines date.
After getting home we had some fun making chocolate
covered strawberries!

It was such a fun weekend with my sweetheart!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Family reactions!

Of course I was most excited to tell my sweet husband the exciting news! I thought that he would be expecting it but as you can see, he was pretty surprised! I love that you can see every stage of his reaction in these pictures: first excitement at a random present,

 then confusion,

and disbelief..

 then  finally happiness :) 

All followed by sheer terror at the realization that we would soon be caring for a tiny human being. He probably sat staring for a solid ten minutes. But all in all it was so much fun to share the joy with my Love!

A couple of weeks later we told my parents over FaceTime because we wouldn't be seeing them in person over the Christmas break, it was pretty tender. My mom was wanting this almost as much as I was!

We then told Chris's family during the holidays. I had been trying for weeks to think of a clever way to tell everyone, but fell short. We resorted to quickly throwing together the cheesy plan to have the number 7 written in pepperoni on our pizza. This will be their seventh grand baby. It turned out pretty illegible so it was funny seeing their confusion.

I'm so grateful for amazing friends and family to share this exciting time with!!

Ps- it looks like I can't upload video! Boo, why am I am technologically challenged?!