The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Successful Day

One of the hardest things for me these past few weeks
has been feeling unproductive.
Obviously I'm doing my job of focusing on taking care of my little one,
but the OCD in me makes me cringe
when I have a dirty house and piles of laundry.
And it's not the most awesome thing when Chris
comes home from school and I'm still in my pajamas sitting
in the same spot on the couch.
BUT, good news is, we're starting to figure out a schedule.
Scarlett will actually take solid naps, which has allowed me to not
feel like as much of a blob.
Today, for example, was a success.
Chris woke up early with me and we read our scriptures
while Scarlett fed. 
Then we worked out together!
This was my first real workout since delivering.
It was hard, but it felt so good to move again.
I got to shower and get ready for the day.
Then I cleaned, did laundry, and played with this little cutie.

She's finally starting to get her days and nights figured out-
she let me sleep for six hours straight last night!!
Then Scarlett and I went on a little stroll around the neighborhood!
Cabin fever is a real thing, one of the highlights
of my day is walking down the street to check the mail.
But today we ventured to uncharted territory,
the neighborhood across from us- haha.
It was so nice to be out in the fresh air,
we're probably going to make this a regular activity.

I was feeling soooo good about myself for having such a good day...
when Scarlett decided to throw up all over me.
She has some serious issues with burp cloths, she avoids
them like the plague.
When I tried to move her head onto the cloth,
she jerked it to the other side of my shirt and threw up again.
Good job sweetheart, you got my whole front side.
I changed my shirt, and then this lovely happened...

Guess she wanted to even it out and get my pants too.
This clean up was a two person job, to Chris's excitement :)
Then she finished out the day with taking a cat nap
basking in the sun.
Gotta love her!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pool time

Scarlett had her first day out by the pool!
Even though she didn't get in the water,
I was so excited to dress her up in her cute little swim outfit :)

She's still adjusting to the outdoors,
the wind kind of freaks her out a bit.
But all in all, she did really well!

Chris and Scarlett enjoyed some daddy daughter
bonding time poolside.
Sometimes I think Chris likes the pacifier more
than the baby.

I wish we had more time in the summer!
I don't want it to get cold :(
(mostly because Scarlett hardly owns any warm clothes)
So much fun!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Don't Know About You....

...But I'm feeling 22!!!!
And yes, I did play that song about fifteen times on Friday.
(Which Chris especially enjoyed)
Speaking of my hubs, can I just brag that I have
THE greatest and sweetest husband ever?!
He spoiled me rotten and gave me my perfect idea of a fantastic day.
To start out with, we needed a new baby monitor
anyway since our hand-me-down was kind of broken,
but I consider this a birthday presents cause Chris let me
and it is hands down one of the greatest things ever invented!!

I mean, come on..a video monitor??
It is perfect for a super paranoid parent like myself,
I LOVE it!!
And we found a really good deal on it, so that makes it even sweeter :)

After a most scrumptious breakfast of French toast and
buttermilk syrup, Chris gave me this box.
Imagine my excitement when I could feel something moving!
A puppy?!?!?!

Unfortunately Chris is too responsible to get a puppy when we
have a newborn to take care of,
but he DID bring home little Howie and Roxie!!
They were our cute ferrets that we gave to a friend last year.
He was planning on borrowing them for a few
hours to play with, but ironically
the friend was going out of town all weekend
and said we got to keep them for a few days.... (yaayy....) haha.
My next gift was a note saying that we had an
appointment for a couples massage!!!
Hallelujah, I've had one once before and it was the greatest
thing of my life.  Friday was just as wonderful.
My massage therapist told me that my "traps are completely torn up".
Yep, I know.  I have knots allllll the time.


Chris knows me too well.
We stopped at a sketchy little Hispanic store
to pick up some delicious Mexican candy!!!
Anything covered in chili powder is amazing :)

Next on my most perfect day,
we walked around the mall and shopped :)
Ha, so simple, but I very rarely buy new clothes,
and it's even more rare that Chris will come with me.
I was in heaven.

Steak, potatoes, and rolls with apple butter.
What more could a girl want??

This is how we felt after dinner, soooo full.
Okay, as if my birthday hadn't already been wonderful enough,
we topped it off with going to see WICKED!!!!
I've been dying to see it forever and when I heard they
were coming to Oklahoma,
I dropped hints everyday to Chris that I wanted to go.
He bought tickets without telling me, intending for it to be a birthday surprise..
but my cunning ways mixed with Chris's inability
to keep a secret led to me finding out
about it a couple months ago :)

It was amazing!!!  Everything I ever hoped it would be!!
I was so giddy the whole time.
I want to see it again and again!!

My birthday was amazing,
but I missed seeing this adorable face all day.
Nothing can top coming home to my beautiful baby girl.

I love you Chris and Scarlett!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Month!

I can't believe that my little babe is a month old already!
It feels like yesterday that we were in the hospital.
She's getter cuter and cuter by the day!
And chunkier :)  She is a healthy size, that's for sure.
I love her little rolls.
Speaking of which, quote of the week from Christopher.
As he was holding her he said,
"Summer, if I ever get rolls in the middle of my forearms....Intervene"
I love it, I didn't even realize it but it's true, rolls in the most unusual places.
But she's a doll nonetheless!!
It's harder than it looks to take newborn pictures :)
These were 2 of about 100 that she wasn't screaming.
I'm starting to get more used to being a mama,
but I'll be honest, having a baby is hard!
I don't want to sugar coat it cause I want to remember the reality.
It's one of the hardest things in the world, especially
to hear your baby cry sometimes for hours and just
have nothing that you can do to help them.
Yes, it can be frustrating,
but it's moreso just heartbreaking.  She has pretty bad gas
and all I want is for her pain to go away and make her happy.
I've also come to realize that babies have no snooze alarm!!
I was the absolute QUEEN of the snooze.
But alas, when she is crying and hungry,
there's  no avoiding it.
Speaking of which, I read that crying is a late sign of hunger...
not for my baby.
She'll go from a deep sleep to screaming bloody murder
five seconds later because it's time to eat.
Although some times are hard, I wouldn't trade motherhood for the world.
This past month has been one of the hardest and BEST of my life.
I love everything about this sweet little girl.

My sweet parents were able to visit!
My daddy for three days, and my mama for two weeks.
I couldn't have done it without them!

We have fun with her :)

Scarlett loves her snuggle time with daddy.
She can be having a hard day,
but as soon as he comes home she cuddles up
to him and calms right down.
There's nothing sweeter than seeing how precious Chris is with her.

She found her thumb!!  Only a couple of times though.
I'm probably a bad mom for encouraging it, but it'd be SO
nice not to have to worry about having a pacifier.

I just can't get enough of this little face.

Haha, there are quite a few outfits like this one.
She couldn't wear some of her newborn clothes for very long :)

Family cuddles are my absolute favorite.
(I just realized that almost every picture of Chris is him sleeping...
ha we're pretty tired around here)

I think Scarlett is going to be a hand model when she grows up.
She holds them very daintily.

Well, this one's not too dainty :)
We call this her thriller pose.
She mainly sleeps with her  mouth open, and sometimes her eyes:
just like her mama!!

Chris was such a gem and went to pick up diapers.
He came back with a lovely package of the store brand.
After a long night which included FOUR blowouts
all over my pajamas,
I left this little note for him.

She's starting to kind of smile in reaction to us.
It melts my heart!!

Scarlett has a pretty awesome frown hahaha.

But she makes up for it with the most adorable smile!

I just love seeing them play together.

I was pretty nervous for it,
but we finally went to church for the first time!
It was so fun to finally dress her up in her
little church clothes
(which couldn't button up in the back)

She did pretty well!!
All the cute little grandmas watched her through the whole meeting :)
Well, we survived the first month!!
I love seeing her learn and grow each day.
She's the center of our world and I wouldn't have it any other way.