The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Photos

Chris's sister, Sarah, was sweet enough to snap a few  photos of us
at the pumpkin patch.  Finally a family picture!
Here are some of my favorites :)
Mother, I know what you're thinking, "No socks!!"
Don't worry, it was warm,
and the sockies went right back on after the picture :)

We don't torture our child for a picture.....

And we definitely don't lay our daughter in the dirt either...
I'm a terrible mother!!  Haha, she got a thorough scrubbing after this.
And last but not least!!  I think this one should be on our Christmas card :)

Love my little family!!


My sweet in-laws were finally able to make it out to Oklahoma
to meet Scarlett for the first time!
It was sooo great to see them,
Scarlett was in heaven with all the attention.

She also got to meet cousin Kate for the first time,
along with Chris's sister Sarah and her husband Ryan.

Ha, I love this picture,
my husband and daughter look so excited.

We spent the weekend visiting, eating, and on Saturday
we went to the pumpkin patch!  It was so much fun.
I dominated at tether ball :) ....not....

We mainly went to the farm for the pumpkin patch and I was
so excited to take the hayride out to see all of the pumpkins.
When we got there, I was disappointed that
it was the tiniest little patch of dirt with the smallest
little sugar pumpkins I've ever seen just laying around,
not even on a vine haha.
My dream of getting a precious family picture out
in the middle of a field of pretty pumpkins was crushed.
But it was still fun!

Then on Sunday we had Scarlett's baby blessing.
It was so sweet and special.
I'm so glad that some of Chris's family was able to
be there, we just wish that everyone was able to come!
I love baby girl's squished face in this one :)

Thank you all for coming!  It was so great to see everyone,
love you!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 Months

Can't believe my little babe is two months old!

Official stats:
Weight: 12 pounds, 4 ounces, 74th percentile
(I thought she would be higher than that haha)
Head size:  94th percentile (Taking after daddy!)
Length:  99th percentile!!
Holy cow, I had no idea that she was so tall for her age.

She had her two month checkup yesterday and got a whole slew of vaccines.
It broke my heart :(
I'm so thankful that Chris was there to be the one
to pin her down so that I didn't have to.
We love her more and more each day!
She's more social and is developing a personality,
I think she's going to be a sassy little thing.
Her smiles melt my heart, and she's THIS close to laughing,
I can't wait for that day!
She's starting to coo, she follows our faces,
and she's discovering her hands.
It's so fun to see every new milestone.

She's pretty happy most of the time,
except for when we want to take pictures of course!
This last picture captures her mood for most of the shoot :)
Like I said....sassy :)
Thankfully her sleep schedule is improving.
One night she slept for eight hours straight!
However, I'm going to be returning to
working night shift at the end of the month,
so all of our hard work might get undone.
It depends on how it all works out with Chris's schedule
with mine, but we might have to adjust
her hours of sleep.
I'm not too worried about it though, since she already
wants to stay up all night and sleep during the day.
I don't want to leave this precious girl!!
 The other night in the car Chris asked me,
"What's Scarlett's middle name?"
Ha we obviously didn't use any sort of sentimental
name for her, I just picked one that I thought was cute :)
He then went on to tell me that sometimes he forgets
her first name too, cause he always just calls her "baby".
Or sometimes he calls her Betty....bleh,
we're still working on finding a good nickname.
(He gets it from saying Scarlettie Betty)
Hopefully we can come up with a good one,
but for now we'll just work
on getting Chris to remember her real name :)

Let's get Physical!

Thought I'd start out with this little gem.
I was a little too entertained by our broken  mirror :)

But anyways, I'll get to the point!
Chris and I are trying to be healthier,
starting with how we eat.  We're trying to eat out less
and make more nutritious meals.
I was pretty proud of how this one turned out;
herb crusted pork tenderloin with green beans.

We also got some sweet sweatbands
to make us feel more intense.
I know, we're pretty intimidating!

We've made a goal to work out every day.
Chris came up with a "fun" little game for some of our workouts.
We each use a deck of cards and assign an exercise
for each suite, like squats or bicep curls or lunges, etc.
Then we draw a card and have to do that number of that certain exercise.
I hate kings :(

The other night we totalled everything up and I ended up
doing 83 bicep curls, 107 leg raises, 136 high knees, and 96 lunges.
It's a pretty good way to work out different muscle groups,
plus it goes by quickly since it feels like a game.

I want my pre-pregnancy body back!!

Here's the chart we made to motivate us.
I am one of those people that has to have a reward for my hard work :)
We developed a sticker system, and both Chris and I
have to work out that day in order to get a sticker.
5 stickers= Mini frosty
10= Frozen yogurt
20= Coldstone
30= Nice meal out
40= Nice meal out plus dessert
But of course I don't want to spend my hard earned stickers
on yogurt, I want to save up for a nice meal!
It's working pretty well so far,
it's now been almost two weeks and we haven't missed a day!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My daughter, the vampire

Scarlett is definitely my daughter.
She is a night owl and doesn't like to wake up in the morning.
I'm also convinced that me working the night shift during
my whole pregnancy added to the problem.
This is what she often looks like during the day.

And I am more than willing to join her for naptime.
However, Scarlett likes to mess with me.
I try to keep her awake for at least an hour after she eats
before she takes a nap, but that's easier said than done.
The other day I was trying, unsuccessfully, to keep her awake.
She was just dead to the world.
After 45 minutes I gave in, decided I was exhausted and would nap as well,
and put her down in her crib.
Literally not even two minutes later I looked over
at the monitor and this is what I saw...

What the heck?!
I guess she didn't want to let me sleep.
I couldn't be mad at her though because that face was just too adorable!
She layed smiling and nearly giggling all alone in her crib.
Then she chilled with her hand behind her head for a little while.

We're trying to correct her circadian rhythm :)
Maybe she should be a vampire for Halloween??
Ha, no, I already have her costume picked out and I can't wait!
Love this doll baby!