The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fireworks, Fusion, and Forehead kisses

4th of July is such a happy holiday.
We started out the evening with a barbeque at our friend's house
that was delicious!  Chris and I are dying to get a grill...
and a backyard to put it in.
We're both obsessed with barbeque, it makes everything taste so much better

It's always so much fun to get together with friends!
Then we scouted out a nice patch of grass to watch
the fireworks at as we got eaten alive by bugs.
We tried really hard to get a cute picture watching the fireworks
but apparently, iPhones have the brightest flash EVER,
and this is the gem we ended up with...

Yes, yes, I know, we're pretty dang cute hahaha.
We tried again and it turned out slightly better, but Chris's
cute little eyes just couldn't handle the light.

Apart from the spider bite that made my toe swell
up like a balloon, the night turned out super fun!

In other news, I had to say goodbye to my baby last week.
Yes, we sold my Bug :(
It was getting a little too old and starting to have problems,
so we decided to upgrade.
That little car was so good to me, I'll miss it!
But I absolutely LOVE my new car,
a Ford Fusion.
It was Chris's pick from the beginning, and after doing soooo much research,
I agreed with him that it was a good choice.
We FINALLY picked it up the other day
(who knew that car loans are such a hassle, it was a nightmare)

We're already fighting over who gets to drive it to work,
but Chris knows whose car it REALLY is :)

Last night, well...this morning,
as Chris and I went to bed, I went to give him
a kiss on the forehead, only to hear,
"no no no, right here"
pointing to a different area of the forehead.
I was like...okay...ha and kissed him there.
Then he said, "no no, press harder"
He then proceeded to demonstrate the correct way
to give a good forehead kiss.
He told me to pay attention to the "timing, location, and pressure"
What a nerd.
Who knew that our whole time together he was putting
up with such bad technique.
He gets in the gooofiest moods when he's tired
and says the funniest things, I love it haha.

He's pretty dang sweet, the other day I came home
from a long day at work to be greeted with the yummiest crepes!

So yummy.
We also made a pretty delicious dessert the other  night.
Banana cream scrumptious stuff!
Ha I don't know what it's called, gotta love Pinterest for giving
us good ideas for food.

I was so excited when I found those cute little dishes at Wal-Mart.
Mm so tasty!!

Oh!  I almost forgot- I had one of my  most embarrassing moments last night.
Chris was working and I had the night off,
so he naturally begged me to let him take the new car to work.
I agreed, which meant that I had to drive his
car to a dinner I was going to with some coworkers.
I've only ever driven his car a couple of times.
I'm pretty challenged when it comes to cars that I'm not familiar with.
And of course, it was raining and dark when I got in.
So I was struggling to figure out how to use the windshield wipers
and how to turn on the headlights.
I was pretty sure I got it all figured out,
and as I tried to navigate my way home from the restaurant
(I don't drive downtown very often)
I got a bright flash in my eyes.
When it turned off, I noticed it was a cop car...
He then started following me and turned on his lights to pull me over.
Ah!  I've never been pulled over in my life.
Needless to say, I was freaking out.
The young cop asked me for my license and registration
and I just squealed that I was sorry and that it was my husband's
car and I didn't know where anything was.
I asked shyly..."were my lights not on?"
And he said "you got it!"
Uggghhhhhh SO embarrassing, he had to show me how to turn them on,
I felt so stupid.  I was used to my dim as heck headlights
in my old bug that I thought the actual headlights were the brights.
He just laughed at me and told me to drive safe.
I must've looked sooooo dumb.
Psh, oh well, I'm glad it happened on a little road
before I had gotten on the freeway at least.
After I got over the initial scare,
I laughed at myself the rest of the way home.