The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2 Months

Happy 2 months, Beckham Christopher!
He has been the perfect addition to our little family
and the time is flying by.
I admit I am just a little obsessed with his cuteness
and I love taking pictures of him!
(Probably too many, but I couldn't help myself)

Unfortunately with the craziness of the move,
he hasn't had his 2 month appointment so I don't know his current stats :(
But he's finally fitting into some of his 0-3 month clothes
and they are adorable.
I just got this bow tie and about died when I saw it on him-
I never expected I would love dressing a boy so much!

His little smiles and coos kill me!
He's a pretty good baby for the most part.
Still a little fussy during the day but a complete champ at night.
The last couple nights he's done 6-7 hour stretches and I feel like a new woman
from all the rest :)

Oh his little balding head haha.
I'm denying it for as long as I can and still do the half-head Mohawk.

His cuddles are the best.
Chris told me today that he thinks Beck will be a mama's boy.
I sure hope that's true.
Scarlett's all about her daddy so I gotta get my turn!

Oh the joys of having two kids all over us all the time haha.

I don't remember exactly what happened at the moment this pic
was taken, but I could probably take a guess.
Scarlett is still learning how to be gentle and I fear for Beckham
every time she comes near ha. 

He had his first 4th of July!
Daddy was already in Omaha and we were still in Utah
so it was a quiet celebration with the 3 of us :)
He slept soundly through all of the fireworks.

Ha goobery smiles are my favorite.

It was so hard to say goodbye to all of my family in Utah!
We miss them all like crazy already.

First plane ride- on our way to our new home!
He did really well-
though I couldn't have handled both kids without my mama there with me.

Reunited finally!!

Even in our empty, couchless living room,
we were loving life in our new home.

Again- DIED over this bow tie.
Chris initially thought I was overreacting with my excitement over it,
but then even he admitted how adorable it was.
I'm thinking the next one should be matching daddy/son bow ties :)

These three are my whole world!
Happy 2 months sweet boy!
Thank you for your sweet spirit!
(Excuse Scarlett's stink face, she gets pretty serious about watching Toy Story)

More to come on our Omaha adventures-
we love it here so far!