The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miller Maternity

I had the privilege of doing my first maternity photo shoot
of our good friends, Anai and Dustin.
It was such a blast!  It's probably my new favorite thing to do :)
Pregnancy is such a beautiful time and I was so excited to be able to capture it.
Here are some of my favorites!
Thank you, Millers, for putting up with the bitter cold,
and thanks to my wonderful hubs for doing most of the editing!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Price is Right, Perfect Cruise, Pregnancy Update

So since baby boy is due in May, and then Chris starts dental school in August,
we figured this was kind of our last chance to have a little time to ourselves
before things get crazy.
(Chris's mom was on winter break and was so sweet to babysit Scarlett)
my one request was to go to The Price Is Right.
It's been on my bucket list forever, but we've just never made it happen.
So I said, that's it, let's just do it!
We were able to score some pretty last minute tickets and away we went.
We had fun making our T-shirts (or should I say that Chris made them haha)
I was pretty dang proud of my clever idea :)
(Too bad no one at the show even acknowledged it!!  What the heck?)

We had to wake up at like 4 AM (well at least I did, you gotta get lookin your best if you're gonna be on national TV, right??)
Then we had to take off by 5, because of dumb southern CA traffic, ugh nothing makes me more upset than having to allot like 3 hours to make an hour and a half trip.
And we used all three of those hours, it was stop and go the whole time and we ended up having to run from the parking garage to the studio to make it in time.

So yes, there was a lot of waiting and it was a long day.
3 hours total of waiting in lines and then 2 hours of filming.
But I kid you not, and I don't want to sound dramatic, but it was one of the funnest days of my life.
Chris and I agreed that it was our favorite part of the whole vacation.
It was just so cool to see everything behind-the-scenes and to meet Drew and George.
George talked to me by name before the show started, and I got to shake Drew's hand.
Not to mention getting to sit in the front row!!!
Ah, it felt like a dream and was so exciting, I highly recommend it :)

Oh, really quick funny story.
You see our beautifully written iconic name tags??
Well I was so excited to get mine and keep is as a souvenir, and then we get to the front
of the line where the guy was writing them...
and it turned out sooooo bad, like you could hardly even read it.
No offense, but it looked like a 3 year old boy wrote it.
I was so bummed!
And then we got further along and this other guy was like "what the heck, why do these all look like crap??"
and he wrote ours over again, and then later on we saw him going up and down
the rows of 300 people re-writing every single one.
Hahaha, it was so funny, and I felt so bad for that guy who got fired from his name-writing assignment.
But I was glad to get my cute name :)
Next on our "babymoon" was a little 4 day cruise!!
It was just a quick Catalina/Ensenada cheapo one, but I was just so excited to get a break
from the babe, have some good entertainment, and eat as much food as I wanted. :)
PS- is my husband adorable, or what?

Blurry but beautiful sunset with the Queen Mary as we took off.
Oh yeah...what a stud muffin!!
He wasn't prepared for a picture, but I love it :)

I wasn't too excited about Catalina, but it was so cute!!
We took a little golf cart ride around, and it was just relaxing and quaint :)
I loved it.

Of course, I went straight for the little candy shop!
These are my favorite places, and we got to watch taffy be made.

Overlooking the ocean on our golf cart ride.
In the background, there was a funeral procession going on.
Apparently the week before there was a huge storm and they lost a Harbor Patrol officer,
so that was kind of neat to see how they paid their respects.

I was expecting a little more from Ensenada, to be honest, haha I wasn't too impressed.
But that's ok, it was still fun!
We took a bus ride to the main market where there was also this big blowhole.
I was more excited about the shopping, but the tour only gave us like half an hour for that.
Kind of a bummer.

We did get the most delicious tacos though!
K, little rant, I was pretty livid at Ensenada.
Literally the only thing that I had my sights set on buying was Mexican candy.
I have a slight obsession with any hard candy covered in chili,
and we couldn't find it ANYWHERE!  I left mexico without any mexican candy,
it was a sad day.

Once home from our lovely cruise, we just kind of relaxed, it was so nice.
And one day we went to the Wild Animal Park with a couple of friends and their kids.
Scarlett was loving it.
And I realized how much I can't keep up with her with my growing belly haha.

I am now 21, almost 22, weeks along!
Hmm, I think the biggest news, if I haven't already written about it,
is that I took my preliminary glucose screen and passed with flying colors!
What a load off my mind.
I'd been trying to be sugar-free until I knew if I was diabetic again or not.
I'm still trying to be better about sweets, but it was nice to indulge a little bit.
I test again at 28 weeks to make sure everything's still good.
Other than that, things are going pretty smoothly.
He's just been making his presence known and is like a little ninja in my belly.
And everyone can tell now that I'm prego.
I'm just trying to enjoy this second trimester!
It's always my favorite cause I don't feel sick and am not too huge yet.

Had to add this little gem.
Scarlett's been the sweetest and her new favorite thing is giving LOTS of kisses,
including her newly learned forehead kisses.
Melts my heart :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Little Mover

I'm convinced that there are few things in life more miraculous and magical
 than feeling your baby move for the first time inside of you.
I was saying that I felt him since I was 14 or 15 weeks,
but I couldn't tell for certain and could have been imagining it.
But on Christmas Day, I got the best gift with very distinct and consistent movements.
Ahhh it just makes my heart melt.
Since then, if I have nothing to do, I'll just lay down and be
thoroughly entertained on the little kicks and jabs inside of me.
Chris was able to feel him for the first time the other night,
which is always so special.
(Though sometimes I think he gets tired of me putting his hand on my belly
and telling him to "just wait!" but not feeling anything ha)
Life is pretty miraculous!
We took family pictures in California and I snuck in a belly picture while we were at it.
I think I was 17 weeks here but am now 19.

It's A Wonderful Life

We were so blessed to be able to spend Christmas with Chris's family in California.
Quality time with family, yummy food, and gorgeous weather:
what more could you ask for?
Scarlett sure loved getting to run around wild and free!
I got to hang out with these cute girls while Mama Lil spoiled us with pedicures.
It was so fun to see all the grandkids together.
The little girls were so cute and sweet with Scarlett,
and in return she was kind of a stinker and would push their faces away :/
We need to get her some more social interaction with kids haha.
My cute mother-in-law had so many fun activities planned for the little ones,
including gingerbread houses, ornament painting, and decorating sugar cookies.
Scarlett was a dream the whole time! (haha..not)
I think it was switching her schedule around and not getting as much sleep,
but she was pretty grumpy for a lot of the trip.

She refused to smile for our Christmas tree picture :)

But at least we got a few smiles on Christmas morning!
I just loved seeing all of the older grandkids and the magic of Christmas
through their eyes.
I can't wait until Scarlett understands a little more and can get excited about it.

My husband is seriously talented.
I showed him a picture of a photo prop that I loved and he whipped this up
in a few hours....seriously??
How is he so good at EVERYTHING, it's not fair.
But I can't wait to try it out, I've been racking my brain trying to think of people
who have newborns that I can practice with but I don't know of any right now!

So....the vacation was great, but unfortunately the trip home was not so awesome.
Things were going smoothly until we reached Cedar City and the roads
started getting veeerry snowy and slick.
Not to mention our wiper fluid wasn't anti freeze and we could hardly see anything
through the mud and frost.
I was driving (booo) and just about ready to switch with Chris because I was starting
to get freaked out about the whole situation.
We were just a few miles from the next town when I made the decision to pass a semi-truck.
Yeah....bad decision.
We'd passed about half the length of the truck when I lost control and the car started sliding all over the place.  There was zero traction and we started swerving back and forth at about 70 mph
and nearly hit the semi like three different times.
I honestly don't know how we didn't hit it.
We were definitely being watched over because I remember it being RIGHT there and thinking
we were going to hit it and go flying or get run over and crushed.  (My mind goes crazy sometimes ha)
But miraculously we didn't hit and I was able to steer it off the road
and we ended up driving into a ditch and sliding to a stop against a huge bush.
Not an ideal situation, but looking back,
it was the best possible outcome for what happened.
No one was hurt at all, and absolutely no damage to the car.
We initially thought we just had a flat tire, but after being towed back into town,
it turned out that the tire had just been pushed off the rim and it was good as new after they pushed it back on.
We were back on the road within 2 hours (with Chris driving of course)
I was pretty shaken up about the whole thing.
Waiting for the tow truck to get to us..

Scarlett was just soooo excited to get out of her car seat.

There's our poor little car in the background.
(Yes, I'm that lame person that takes selfies after an accident, and yes, Chris did make fun of me relentlessly for it)

So this experience just really put things into perspective for me and humbled me.
We had a great and busy and fun vacation,
but life and family is soo precious and I was seriously punched in the face with the reality
that those things can be taken away so easily.
I literally thought we were going to be the subject of that heartbreaking news story
you sometimes hear:  family of three traveling home from the holidays, wife was pregnant, etc.
Yes, I know I'm dramatic.
But I'm so grateful for everything that I am blessed with in my life;
for my sweet and patient husband, my spunky and precious baby girl, and most
importantly for Christ, His atonement, and the knowledge I have of the gospel.
That really is what Christmas is all about.