The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Saturday, June 22, 2013

32 Weeks

32 Weeks!!  What?!?!
I can't believe it, only eight short weeks to go.
It makes me nervous because I feel like I have sooo much to do before
my sweet baby gets here, but at the same time I feel like it's never
going to come!
Even just the last week has crawled by.
Now other people are starting to see as much as I can feel how much I've
popped in the last few weeks.  She's getting so big!
She's supposedly almost four pounds by now and I'm starting
to feel her all up in my ribs...not the most comfortable thing!
I kind of feel like a whale, especially when trying to get up from
the couch or bed, it's pretty amusing.
Chris has been the sweetest and gives me back rubs almost every day
to ease the aches.

So the newest thing in the pregnancy is being diagnosed with
gestational diabetes :(
I was pretty upset about it at first and frankly just embarrassed...
I felt like I had failed and was unhealthy for my baby.
But as it turns out, it's really been a blessing in disguise.
What better motivation to live a healthier lifestyle than for your baby?
This was our cart the other week, I had never bought so much produce in my life.

It's been really hard, because I'm pretty sure I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet,
but it's definitely been good for me. 
I've come to discover that Splenda is my new best friend...
who knew there was sugar free ice cream?!
The hardest thing is just having to be constantly aware of
what I'm eating.
I can't just grab anything I want when I want it.
This will definitely be a lifelong lifestyle change for me,
and for that, I am grateful :)
My sugars have all been fine with watching my diet,
so hopefully baby won't be negatively affected,
all I care about is having a healthy baby!
I used to hate peanut butter....but now we're good friends.
It has protein, which I need, and is also a free carb for me to munch on!
(I hate carb counting!)

Now that the day is getting closer, I've been feeling pressure to get everything
ready, including the hospital bags.
So for fathers day, I got Christopher some essentials.

Chris brushing up on his Baby Wise skills :)

Yes, I have a husband who will iron curtains for the nursery :)

It's finally almost finished!!  Just missing the changing table.
I'll sit in my comfy glider and read because I just love being in that cute room :)
Can't wait to meet this little girl!!!

Utah Visit

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able
to visit my family in beautiful Utah!!
Oh how I've missed the gorgeous scenery,
my parents backyard is just open to the view of the mountains.
So peaceful compared to the recent tornado chaos in Oklahoma :)

Our first stop on the way back from the airport was my sister, Ciara's house
to meet my newest niece!  She was just two weeks old at the time
and absolutely precious.  I think Aspen and my baby will be best friends :)
PS excuse the zombie look, by this point I'd been up for about 30 hours
trying to flip from my normal night schedule.

Ciara and her kiddos came to the padres house almost every day
I was there and we spent the days
lounging in the sun and watching the kids play.
Pure bliss :)

Although I had so much fun with my family,
the only thing that could've made the trip better was if Chris could
have come with me.
He had to stay home for work and it was SO hard to be apart.
We realized it was the first time we've gone longer than like
a day and a half without seeing each other.
Yes, I realize this sounds gushy,
but I can't help but show off what a sweetheart of a husband I have.
I'm so lucky!!

My daddy spoiled while I was home and made me his
world-famous "rock omelets".
Not sure why they're called that, but it's delicious.

My mama set up a girls night with my sister and sister-in-law
and we went to a little jewelry party!
So fun, and such a steal, I could hardly contain myself from buying everything!

My family was so sweet and threw me a baby shower while I was there.
My mom is so cute and made the most delicious treats.

Got to see Danielle!  It's been far too long, love her.

My cute niece, Alexa.

My good friend, Shally, was able to come!  She lived out
in Oklahoma for a while and just recently moved back to Utah so it was
so good to see her and her cute babe.

Chris and I needed help with name suggestions...
we are the most indecisive people on the planet.
HOWEVER, we may...MAY have finally decided :)
I don't want to say though cause it very well
might change again haha.

Ahhh!  My dearest brother who lives in Idaho told me he wouldn't
be able to make it down for the weekend and I was soooo upset.
I told my mom for days that I thought they would come and surprise me,
but alas, the weekend was drawing to a close and Toddy boy was nowhere to be found.
Then on Saturday night, my parents asked me to go to Walmart with them.
I asked if I could stay home because I was so exhausted and they politely
asked if I would please go.  I thought they were being rude for
making a tired pregnant woman go grocery shopping.
But there we were, looking for green peppers, when I glanced over
and saw two tall, skinny, neon brunettes and thought..."theres only one couple
I know of that looks like that"
And yes, it was Todd and Christine!  Happy day, I was almost in tears!
We got to spend just about a day and a half with them, but it was so worth it,
thank you for coming!!!

Mmmmm, mmm mm, sugar free frozen yogurt,
my newest everyday craving.
(I'll explain why in my next post)

Toddy and Christine holding Aspen, they are going to be the
cutest parents ever someday!

Ohhh how I love my mama :)

My cute niece, Risa.  All she wanted to do was read, she is so precious.

Apparently our neighbor's dog just had puppies and they
want them to get used to other people, so they offered to let us
borrow them to play with for a couple of hours...
Ohhh my gosh I was in heaven!

Aspen liked the puppies too.

Bonding with my niece while talking with my hubby.

Last day of the trip!  This was our exercise before heading to the airport,
walking around Ikea!  Holy cow that place is huuuuuge.
I'll miss you mama!!

Though Utah was amazing,
it was even sweeter to be reunited with my love.
Walked in to a spotless house, food ready, and flowers :)

I honestly don't know how I'm so blessed to have him :)