The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Saturday, July 12, 2014

11 Months

A day late, but our little bean is 11 months old now!
I can't believe she's almost a year old, where has the time gone?
She makes life entertaining and definitely keeps us on our toes.
Biggest news for this month is that Scarlett took her first steps!
I think she could really start walking if she wanted to,
but she'll do one round of taking a couple of steps
and then just decide she's done practicing and refuse to use her legs.
This is the best picture we could get of her standing :)
She also got her first teeth finally!!
The second bottom tooth just started to break through,
so she's a drooling (and often cranky) machine.
She climbs anything and everything,
she even discovered that she could climb over our
stair barricade so we had to revise our strategy a little bit.
She's started to say "daddy" pretty dang clearly.
It's super cute, but I'm still waiting for my "mommy".
Her favorite food right now is macaroni and cheese.
She's only tried it a couple of times when we've been out
to dinner, but she's obsessed and throws a tantrum when it's all gone.
Speaking of tantrums...yep, she's started them.
Anything that doesn't go her way, she'll throw her body to the floor,
bury her face in the carpet, and give a pretty pathetic cry
until she realizes that  we won't give in :)
This next picture is how she often looks nowadays with her teething.
Open mouth and drool hanging down, I love it :)

Scarlett LOVES music.  She starts dancing as soon as it turns on,
and she recently discovered how to turn on the radio and turn the volume up.
Smarty pants!
She also came up with a new dance move, luckily it only lasted for a day.
I probably shouldn't have recorded it, but it was too funny.
This little one is our pride and joy and I'm grateful
for every day we get with her!
Happy 11 months Scarlett Claire!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

First Steps and Fourth of July

It finally happened, Scarlett took her first steps!
July 5, 2014 to be exact.
She's been standing on her own a lot more but then would
just fall into our arms without moving her feet.
But last night she just took off!
She only took three steps, but still, I feel like it was a breakthrough
for her and hopefully she'll really start getting the hang of it.
I was sooo proud!!
We didn't get the initial good steps on video, but we got a little
snippet a few minutes after.
We also had a happy fourth of July!
I unfortunately had to work that night so I didn't get to see
her reaction to the fireworks,
but we had a family BBQ earlier in the day and it was a blast!
I'm terrible and didn't even think to get her a cute 4th of July outfit
(ha, kidding..kind of)
But I remembered she had a hand-me-down red, white, and blue
outfit that worked out perfectly, so naturally I had to take some pictures.

Happy 4th!!