The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Baby...

Dear Baby-
Well, you are now 37 weeks old- officially full term!
And this is your final eviction notice.
The following complaints have been reported from your fellow tenants:
1.  Inability to sleep due to being awakened every two hours for bathroom breaks.
2.  Causing extreme pain, not to mention waddling, with walking.
(though I take credit for this, it's not your fault that
that my back and pelvis are all screwed up)
3.  Causing mommy's ankles and legs to look like sausages,
and forcing daddy to constantly give foot and leg massages :)
4.  Causing extreme clumsiness- I drop everything I lay may hands on
and run into walls all too frequently.
5.  Making mommy blind as a bat.  My vision has seriously gotten
ten times worse during the last nine months.
6.  Causing extreme forgetfulness.  (Pregnancy brain
is a real thing, people!  I walked across the grocery store
about 5 different times the other day running
back to get things I'd forgotten...and still
managed to come home without things from my list)
7.  And finally, forcing us to wait anxiously for nine months to meet
your beautiful face.
As fun as it is to take pictures to document the belly, I'd
much rather be photographing you.
And I'm trying my hand at crafts to hopefully make
some cute accessories for said photo shoot.
Did I mention that you make me clumsy?
I'm frequently found with food stains on my shirts.

While daddy and I were sorting all of your clothes,
I couldn't help but take a picture of this little cutie.
I cannot wait to dress you up in this teeny tiny swim suit and spend
some time by the pool :)

I haven't been able to eat sweets for a while,
but we definitely splurged with this delicious fruit pizza.
You're welcome, baby girl, I know you enjoyed it too!

Your cute daddy was so excited with all the goodies
that we got with our gift cards that he wanted to open EVERYTHING right away.
Here is your new bottle warmer, which I never
even knew something like that existed (and it's awesome by the way).
He was soooo confused why it wouldn't actually heat up
the bottle after the timer went off multiple times.
I soon discovered the problem...
Don't worry, we still love him anyway :)

Our bags are all packed and ready to go to the hospital!
So that's your cue to :)

You are getting so big now!!
We are sooo SO ready to finally meet you,
we love you so much already!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


As a final little get-out-of-town before the babe gets here,
we took a trip to Omaha to visit Chris' sister!
It was so good to see her family.
They're vegan,
so naturally our first stop on the way to Nebraska was
a BBQ joint to get a final fix of meat :)
And it was THE most amazing bbq I've ever had.
Chris really enjoyed it too :)
(PS- our first experience with vegan food was actually surprisingly tasty)

We spent some time outside and playing with our niece,
who was just LOVING on Christopher the whole time.
He is really going to be the most amazing daddy.


Sara totally hooked us up.
She was soooooo generous and gave us SO much baby stuff.
Clothes, shoes, a car seat, a bath tub, aaaand a changing table.
Such a life saver!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I woke up one morning and was just thinking
about how lucky I am to get to wake up next to this cute face every morning :)

Mmmm, mmm, mmm!
My breakfast nearly every morning, AND completely vegan!
Bran flakes with fresh fruit and soy milk.
But don't tell my doctor, I'm not supposed to eat cold cereal
cause of the diabetes,
but I had to splurge.... :)

We also went to the zoo while we were there!
Other than the intense heat and a LOT of walking....
which isn't such a good combination for someone 34 weeks pregnant,
it was so fun.
Sara and Kate are so cute, especially with a creepy shark in the background :)

Ah, one of my favorite pictures

This was by far my favorite exhibits, I love orangutans and monkeys!!

We're starting a little tradition to try to visit restaurants that have
been on the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives when we go places.
(Yes, we are food network nerds)
We've actually been to quite a few now, and this one didn't disappoint!!
So tasty!

I don't know what they were talking about, but I love this picture
because it shows their relationship.
Chris and his sister are goofy and funny and so cute together.

On our way home we had to hit up another BBQ place again, of course!
And our server gave us a free entree, four free side dishes, AND free dessert.
He must've felt for me and my gigantic belly.

Apparently Chris can't go on a trip without some kind of injury.
Just before leaving for home, he threw out his back :(
We had to make an emergency trip to the chiropracter
and luckily it helped enough to be able to still drive home,
but it took him a while to fully recover.  Poor guy.

I love road trippin with this cutie :)

Working on the changing table that Sara gave to us.
Of course Chris did most of the work,
but I helped a little bit :)

The finished product!
I can't believe how well it ended up matching everything.
Last night there was some serious nesting going on.  We did a billion loads
of laundry and organized all of little girl's clothes.
Any time now, little one!

On one of our last days in Omaha, we took a Sunday stroll around a beautiful lake
and Sara was sweet enough to snap a few pictures for us :)
This shirt makes me look like a whale...or maybe that's just how I really look now haha.

This one's our favorite.
We love you so much already, baby!!!