The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Thursday, May 23, 2013

28 Weeks- Third Trimester!

FINALLY- Third and final trimester!!
On one hand, I can't believe how fast everything is going,
but on the other, I feel like it's still a dream and this baby is never going to come!
My adorable sister just had her sweet baby this week and I'm so jealous.
She is beautiful!!  Congratulations, Ciara and Brandon!
I am going to Utah in two weeks and cannot WAIT to see her.
Well, let me first apologize in advance for the excessive amount
of belly pictures this week.
Since my last post, I've have seriously popped like crazy
and couldn't help but document it all.
Chris and I have been trying to be better with working out
and have found a common interest in tennis!
Normally, I would be completely against this
because I am a racquetball girl at heart, and I still worry that
practicing tennis is going to ruin my game because they are SO
different.  But alas, there are approximately zero racquetball courts
around us, so I decided I'd give it a shot.
Although I've still yet to win a game against Chris, I think I'm
getting better :)

Ohhhh my poor little belly button :(

I'd never tried Naked juice before, so this was our reward for working
out everyday for a week.  Delicious!

We went to a baby expo thing where everyone brought and sold their old
baby stuff, and we got this carrier for ten dollars.
The next night at work, I got this precious picture from
Chris saying that he'd been wearing it and carrying around our rice bag
all night long :)  He's going to be such a good daddy!

I finally got a dress that fits!

I wasn't even thinking about mother's day, but came home from work to this!
Chris seriously spoils me!  Since we recently got a camera,
he got me fabrics for backdrops, spotlights, and a new lens
so that we'll be able to take (hopefully) our own newborn pictures!

My sweetheart :)

Haha, this was probably the last time I'd be able to tuck in a blouse into a skirt.

Our crib finally came!!!
Oh, I'm in love!

Chris rocked the assembly, and this was the view from my vantage point-
sitting against the wall eating Easy Mac and reading him instructions :)

Finished product, great work sweetie!
Now we just need to get some bedding to cutify it.

Registering at Target...
Chris wouldn't let me touch his precious scanner.
PS can I just vent about how hard it is to register for a baby
when you've never had one?
There are so many options and brands,
plus products that I never would've dreamed existed.
I had no CLUE what was best or necessary,
so we pretty much just ran through and scanned anything that looked neat.

Again, trying to be healthier.  We went to Chick Fil A
and I'm pretty sure this is the healthiest fast food meal I've ever had.
Grilled chicken wrap and a parfait, so yummy!

Little one was seriously popping out after zumba last night!
I already love this girl so much and can't wait to finally meet her!