The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Monday, November 16, 2015

6 months

My little guy had his half birthday yesterday- so crazy!

I'm just kind of obsessed with him :)
He's so squishy and cuddly and happy, I love it!
AND, his puking has decreased dramatically this last month, yay!

His doctor's appointment isn't for a couple of days so I don't know his percentages,
but his head continues to be huge..and lopsided.
I had an appointment at the helmet clinic and we're probably going to get one in
the next couple of weeks.
So I'll have a toddler in double casts and a baby in a helmet,
haha my poor kids!
Hopefully they'll thank me someday :)
Look!  He has some hair!  Haha, so surprising compared to Scarlett
who was bald until she was one.
Beckham's first time on the swings was pure joy- it was so cute.

He's such a patient little brother,
he lets Scarlett play "doctor" with him.

Beeeest buddies

He's starting to sit up on his own!
He can go for a minute or so by himself, or he'll just chill with the help of the boppy.
Also he's finally rolling both ways, and he loves the freedom of moving around.

Morning snuggles with these two are my absolute favorite.

Scarlett asked to take a nap in the crib with Beck.

His first Halloween was a success as a little giraffe.

And mommy tortured him by making him sit in a pumpkin :)

Love this handsome boy of mine!

Here's videos of his first time trying formula and going on the swings