The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Friday, October 16, 2015

5 months, Scarlett comparisons, and an Iphone dump

Lil Beckster is 5 months old and we're loving it!
He's such a fun little dude!
I love when they start getting not-so-squishy and a little sturdier.

I think he's going to be sitting up on his own soon!
I thought that would make pictures easier.....but it was the opposite.
He won't just lay back against the pillow, he wants to pull himself up and then just falls
to the side, hence Christopher's hand holding him up ha.
I'm sorry for the picture overload, but this is the first time Chris has been
at the photoshoot to help make him smile!
(And I'm kind of obsessed with his sweet cheeks and little dimple)

 New tricks:
He rolls from his tummy to his back and is SUPER close to going the other way too!
He reaches for things and puts them in his mouth,
and it's my favorite thing in the world when he reaches and touches my face and smiles :)
He sucks on his bottom lip all day long and makes funny noises.

 His persistent not-so-happy tricks:
Still wakes up every few hours in the night :(
Still pukes like a mad man....though I think it MIGHT be slowing down....maybe.
Still hates tummy time, but loves that he can get himself out of it now by rolling.
Still has a flat head.....we have an appointment with the helmet clinic to see if he needs
to get one, booooo.


I love baby boy clothes!

I did an Iphone dump of Beckham.
Here's my snuggly boys at the pumpkin patch.
Sometimes I hear juicy toots and have to use my phone's camera to check if he's leaking
out the backside.  This was my reaction to a positive finding..

If he's ever cranky, I can take him outside and he's instantly soothed.
Poor little man got attacked by bugs and this was the unfortunate placement of one of his bites haha.
Gotta love bow ties.
My heart could literally explode with love.

Remember how I said his pukes might be slowing down?
Well when he still does, they're often huge lakes like this one.
At least I avoided the damage this time.

Here's my favorite pics from the month.
I wanted to see if he and Scarlett looked alike because we really didn't think
they did.
But I was so surprised when I put them side-by-side!!
They actually look like siblings!  Haha
Love these little toads so much!
Happy five months Beckham!!