The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hyde Family Pictures

I was able to take some pictures for my cousin
and her beautiful family this week.
Here are some of my favorites!
(Thanks to my wonderful husband for editing them for me while I was at work!)


And I just had to add this one-
sweet little Harper exploded all over my cousin Jenna
and I was lucky enough to catch her reaction :)
It was so fun to work with you guys!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dearie Me....I'm 23...

I think it's pretty bad that I already feel like I'm getting so old.
My whole life I was "the young one".  Youngest in my family, in school, at work...
and now it seems like that's over and it's weird!
I'm adult :/  Yikes...
Anyways, enough with the sob story.
Cause even though I am a year older,
my wonderful husband spoiled me rotten and gave me the best day ever.

I've literally been asking for a blueberry cake donut since I was pregnant and had
gestational diabetes.  It was the one thing I craved.
After I had Scarlett, we just never got around to getting one.
So Chris left while I was still sleeping and drove to a billion different donut shops trying
to find SOMEONE that carried them.
(Who knew they were such a delicacy?  No one had them)
But he finally found one lone blueberry donut on a shelf in one store
and brought it home for me to indulge in when I woke up :)

He also wore my favorite shirt :)

We started out our day playing some tennis.
I slaughtered him, of course ;)

I opened up some presents throughout the day and just had to take a picture of chris's wrapping job.
He thinks that half the fun of presents is guessing what they are.
So he goes to great lengths to fool me and make weird shapes so that I can't guess it.
This one he taped curlers around it to stump me.
Too bad it didn't work, still guessed it right ;)
For lunch, my hunny chef made me crepes, our favorite!

Next was the part I was looking forward to for months!
All I wanted for my birthday was to go shopping and pick out some new clothes :)
I think it's so fun, especially that for one day a year, Chris goes willingly with me.
Chris found out that I had never eaten Hot Dog On A Stick and was so appalled that
he made me try it.  The lemonade was incredible....the cheese on a stick...not so much.

After shopping we rented a puppy!
One of my favorite things to do :)
And this little guy was only 6 weeks old and one of the most precious things I'd ever seen.
I torture myself with doing this cause I always just want to bring them home and keep them forever.


Our last stop for the day was going out to dinner at La Jolla Grove.
Little did we know that it was homecoming night and the place was PACKED.
About 20 minutes past our reservation time and still not seated, Chris went up and complained.
Then we finally got to our table and it was another 15 minutes and no one had even come over
to introduce themselves or take our orders.
Normally I'm the one that gets frustrated with poor customer service, but tonight
Chris was the one that was pretty infuriated.
We finally asked one of the managers where our server was and she apologized and got us started.
She also found out it was my birthday.
A couple of minutes later, the general manager came over and apologized for all of the mess-ups
since it was my special day,
and said that our entire meal was on the house :)
So awesome!
They totally made it up to us and treated us like royalty the rest of the night.

It was some of the most delicious food I'd ever eaten.

They offered us dessert and we said that we would split one thing,
but they ended up bringing us two different ones anyways (one with a candle).
I was seriously so impressed that they went so out of their way to make it up to us.

Overall, my birthday was perfect.
And getting to come home to our baby girl was just icing on the cake.
Thank you so much, Chris, for treating me like a queen!
Love you!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer & Scarlett, Party of 2

It's been a "Mommy and Me" party around here lately.
Since Wednesday, Chris has been in Florida for a couple of
dental school interviews.
Thankfully, he was super impressed with the schools.
Who knows, maybe we'll be Floridians by next year!
He still has some more interviews lined up in other states,
but warm weather and being 20 minutes from the beach
doesn't sound too shabby to me!
Scarlett misses Chris like crazy.
Whenever we go into our bedroom, she walks over to his side of
the bed and says "Daddy??" over and over.
It's pretty precious.
This is the longest that Chris and I have been apart since having Scarlett.
Thankfully we live with  my parents so I have help,
but even still, it's so hard being without him!
I miss my other half and partner in crime!
Parenting is so much harder without my support system haha.
I'm trying to get used to it, though, since I know dental school is going
to take up so much of his time.
I've had to get creative with activities to keep Scarlett entertained and me sane.
Last night we just ran around Wal-Mart for a while
to get her energy out.
We've also been shopping, went to Boondocks, had my sister over for a play date,
went to a chalk art festival, had a dance party in the basement with the blacklights,
and played in the backyard a lot to take advantage of the little
warmth we have left.
Come back to us, we miss you Chris!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Future Lillies: Terrible Two's

Well Miss Scarlett,
I fear the terrible two's have come early for us.
Once you started walking and hit your year mark, I think something clicked
in your brain that you don't need your dear ol' mama anymore.
You've become soooo independent and pretty dang sassy ;)
All you want to do is run wild and free.
I love your strong will and fun personality,
but you definitely give mommy a workout.
You were pretty mad at me yesterday in the mall with interfering
with your plans to ride the escalator by yourself and rip everything off the shelves.
And you let the whole store know how you felt :)
You're quickly mastering correct tantrum-throwing technique, complete with
limp-body-flopping, floor-kicking, and your newly discovered
my-life-is-ending growl.
You make my world exciting and you keep me on my toes!
Don't ever change!
(Just make sure to keep taking nice long naps to let mommy recuperate)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Orange Theory Fitness

My cousin David works for the company Orange Theory Fitness
and they're just opening up a new fitness center in South Jordan.
Yesterday I was able to take some pictures of a work out
in the park that they hosted to get people excited for the upcoming opening.
I was so impressed with how nice and personable all of the staff were,
not to mention the workouts seem awesome!
Go check them out if you're in the area!
Here are a few of my favorites-