The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little Kicks!!

I've been kinda sad lately cause I haven't felt
our little girl moving around yet!
I know that everyone is different and feel
the baby at different weeks, but I'm 19
weeks now, so hurry up baby!!
And that's exactly what I said to her last night
while we were about to go to sleep.
About two minutes later,
I thought I might have felt something!
And I had my hand resting on my stomach and the weirdest thing was,
I was thinking that I felt it on the outside too.
So before I started freaking out, I nonchalantly put
Chris's hand on my belly, and without telling
him what I thought I felt, he felt something too!
He swears that it was a legit kick.
I told him that it could've been my own pulse
(cause even now, you can still see my heart beating on my belly)
or just normal intestinal movements,
but he's pretty convinced he felt her.
So happy!
Who knows if that's really what it was, cause I've
never had a human being growing inside of my before.
But if it was, I need to remember this day!!
There hasn't been much since then,
but I'm so excited to start feeling her more regularly.
Doesn't Chris look SO happy here in this picture?
His sweet mama is throwing us a baby shower while
we visit California next month,
so though we're a little early,
we had to go and register!!
And it was so much fun,
though who knew how many choices there were
for baby stuff.
Kind of overwhelming, but it made us pretty excited
to get ready for this little baby :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

It's A......!!!

We finally found out the gender!!  And it's a........

Oh hooray, this is the happiest thing ever!
I thought the day would never come.
I haven't been sleeping all week,
then we finally got to the appointment and they
were delayed by 45 minutes!
We thought we were going to die!
Ah, it's just the sweetest, happiest, most relieving feeling
to finally know what's been brewing in the belly
for the past 18 weeks.
We would be ecstatic with a boy or girl, but
there's something sweet about thinking
of a tender, precious little daughter
that Chris can dote on and be protective over :)
I was 99% convinced that it was a boy,
so it was quite a shocker when we heard.
Now we can FINALLY start talking about baby names!
We made a deal that we wouldn't discuss until after we knew the gender.
To announce it to our families, we filled party poppers
with blue and pink confetti and numbered them 1 and 2
accompanied with a poem that went something like this:
Summer's belly's growing, and soon it's going to pop.
So sit your booties down, and prepare your jaws to drop.
Grab yourself a popper; It's not what you would think.
Jot down your bets on paper; Will it be blue or pink?
So check the magic number, the most important clue.
We'll let you know on Friday if it is a 1 or 2.
Just be very cautious, Don't open the wrong one.
On such a special day, you don't want to look dumb.
Get the camera ready, don't forget a single piece.
We want to see your faces when you know if it's a.....
grandson, granddaughter, boy cousin, girl cousin, nephew, or NIECE!
I wish I could take all the credit for it, but the idea was pretty
much all Chris :)  He's so cute.
And he even helped me a lot with writing the poem.
So our families all got to pop their poppers and find
out the gender this afternoon.
(With the exception of my brother, Todd, whose poppers
unfortunately exploded in the mail!)
This whole thing is getting more real every day.
I feel like I'm just getting bigger and bigger
and can't wait until I can feel distinct movements.
Usually I think I feel something at night,
but I'm always half asleep and probably just dreaming,
or my stomach is just growling.
We couldn't feel more blessed.
We cannot wait for the day when we get to meet
this precious angel!
Here are some photoshoot bloopers....we had a little too much fun.
Completely missed the shot

Chris looks like he's hating life.
 My hand slipped off the string
Chris's crazy face trying to look excited
This about made me pee my pants haha

Chris's hand slipping

We ended up running out of poppers and resorted
to throwing confetti


Oh my husband

Aaannnd, we made a mess