The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Chris hasn't been able to sleep lately,
he'll wake up super early and can't fall back asleep.
He's been so sweet and letting me sleep in,
even though he HATES being awake while I'm asleep, cause he gets bored.
So last night I woke up and realized that he was nowhere to be found.
I texted him asking where he was and he said,
"I'm watching fireflies at the park, come join me :)"
What the?  Most random and romantic thing ever!
Neither of us had ever seen any,
so I quickly hopped in my car and headed to the park
to find him on a bench.
We spent a little while quietly watching the cute fireflies,
they are magical!!
Unfortunately I got there right as it was winding down,
but it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Here's a tiny morsel-

K, I don't know if that worked, I've never uploaded a video.
Also while I was asleep, Chris went by himself
to Bed,Bath, and Beyond to buy us
some little dishes to make pazookies!!
We're huge fans of BJ's yuuummmy pazookies and
wanted to try making them at home!
Our cookie dough didn't turn out the best,
but paired with ice cream, it ended up being pretty tasty!

Oh, have you ever heard of the movie, We Bought a Zoo?
I'd seen previews and thought it'd be the cheesiest movie.
But Chris really wanted to rent it, for whatever reason,
and it turned out to be so good!
It really wasn't cheesey, kiddy, at all, I was so surprised.
I definitely recommend it, haha.
We decided that we want to have a curly red-headed girl,
the girl in the movie is so stinkin cute.
Here she is-

Speaking of cute, I was playing around with my Instagram the other day,
and can I just say that I have the most adorable husband in the world???
He obviously doesn't get too into "posing for pictures"
but he puts up with me :)

I am one lucky girl :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tears of Laughter

Yesterday Chris and I were reminiscing about some funny moments
from our dating and early married times.
It started with me pointing out that I've only seen him cry twice-
once when he proposed and the other when we got married :)
He says that he was just nervous and his voice was shaking
when he sang me my song the day he proposed,
but I know the truth-there were legitimate tears :)
That got us talking about my emotional side...
I always told him when we were dating that I never cried,
which was true, I was never a cry-er...until late college haha.
He reminded me about the time I had his whole birthday planned out
with doing fun activities and finishing the day making him a nice meal,
which is a very rare occurrence.
I ended up getting really sick that day and trying SO hard to cook.
He came over and saw me bending over at the stove trying
not to throw up.  He was so sweet and took me to the couch,
turned on the TV, put a blanket over me, and told me he would finish dinner.
When he looked back over at me, I was bawling on the couch.
I felt so bad that he had to make his own birthday dinner.
He told me last night how he was so confused
and how he felt like he just made things worse,
when really, I was just an emotional wreck cause I really wanted to impress him
and epically failed!
Since being married, I've had my fair share of emotional days.
The main thing that makes me really stressed and insecure
It's such a dumb thing to get so worked up about, and I've gotten better,
but when we first got married, it was awful.
I felt like now that I was married, I needed to all of a sudden
be a fantastic cook and take care of my hubby,
but it did NOT come that easily.
Chris said that funniest emotional breakdown I had was when I had
planned to make his favorite meal that he gets from Cheesecake Factory
(and it's kind of a complicated recipe but I was excited to try)
I got all the ingredients from the store and that night
was about to get cookin!
Then I realized that one of the most important ingredients, mozarella cheese,
was not in the fridge.  I thought I had some and didn't buy any.
My emotions were all out of whack from stupid birth control
anyways, but this threw everything over the edge.
Chris looked over from the living room and didn't see me in the kitchen anymore.
Cause I was on the kitchen the fetal position, CRYING
because I didn't have  mozarella cheese.
He had to come over and console me and tell me it'd be ok cause we had string cheese.
That wasn't good enough for me, I had ruined our special meal.
Again, Chris was at a loss for how to deal with his crazy irrational wife haha.
Anyways, talking about all of that last night I was in tears, but this time
cause I was laughing so hard.
I love that we can look back at things like that and make fun of
how ridiculous it was.

On a complete side note, I've decided I am pretty much a vampire zombie.
You know things are bad when you lay out by the pool for 30 minutes.....
at nine oh clock in the morning....when it's cool and overcast...
and you come home with DISTINCT tan lines.
I am almost transparent, but hopefully
I'll be able to adjust my schedule more this summer
so I can take some time and be out in the sunlight like normal human beings.