The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 Months

Oh, how we adore this little munchkin!!
I can't believe he's coming up on a year- I remember like it was yesterday
when Scarlett was like 7 months old and I was already planning her first birthday...
and here we are with our second and I haven't given it a single thought haha-
don't worry little one, we'll make it special when the big day comes :)
I'm just seriously obsessed with his little face and cheeks and smile.  He's the sweetest!
And the biggest news from this month is that he got his helmet off!! Finally!!
His percent of lopsided-ness went from 10% at the beginning (they like it below 6),
to 3% by the end.  Good thing he's got such a big head, cause his rapidly growing noggin
made the process much faster- he only had it for 3 months or so.
And ever since he got it off I feel like he's happier, snugglier, and moving around so much more.
It's so fun!

Speaking of huge noggin, here are his stats as of last week-
30th % for weight
85th% for head
and 6TH% for height- little shorty!!
I didn't think he was that tiny- poor little guy with his gigantic sister ha
they're going to be such the odd pairing.

He's crawling at super-speed, walking along furniture, getting into everything,
especially loves to eat the dirt and bugs by the back door when Scarlett opens it, still has NO teeth
but is currently a cranky mess so hopefully that means they're coming soon, loves following
his sister around but hates when she gives him "hugs" (yanking on his neck).

Don't look too closely at his hair- Chris insisted on giving him his first haircut
and it's just slightly botched ;)  We have yet to get it evened out.

I had to include a tongue picture- he's got it hanging out 90% of the time and I kinda love it.

He's turning into such a little boy!

Father and son- melt my heart!!

Here's his last couple minutes with his helmet- we were just a little anxious and excited
to hear if it would be coming off!
They put this little cap on them to take the scans and I think it's the cutest/funniest thing ever.

Free!!!  I don't know who was happier, him or me :)
Chris hates the fohawk, but I told him that he had to let me have my fun since it was essentially
my first time getting to do his hair!!

We love you so much, Bechkam!!  It's been the best 10 months since you came
into our little family!!