The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Thursday, January 14, 2016

7-8 month Month Beck

Happy super late 7 months... and now 8 months, Beckeroo!
I am so far behind, it's ridiculous.
But this little man continues to steal my heart more and more each day.
He's just the sweetest, chillest thing and the whole family adores him.

Don't mind the awkward hair line from his helmet haha.

Scarlett always wants to join in on his photoshoots.

The main thing that happened this last month was getting his helmet.

His head was pretty flat on one side so we decided to get it fixed with the helmet-
they estimated he would need it for 3-4 months, 23 hours a day.
He's got quite the large head so it looks gigantic with this thing on.
I can't believe there was a jacket with a hood big enough to fit it!

He got to celebrate his first Christmas!!

Don't let this picture fool you- he's still hardly moving at all.
This was probably one of the only times he's stood against something.
He doesn't crawl yet and rarely even rolls haha.
He's just happy sitting and watching everyone move around him, which is just fine with me!

Obviously, documenting his first trip to In N Out was a necessity.

My dad fulfilled his dream of getting another puppy and my kids were overyjoyed with little Rue.

Beckham got to see Santa for the first time

We went to Utah for Christmas and got to spend some quality time with grandma and grandpa, 
and little Ryker of course!
What a stud muffin ;)

He's starting to sometimes stay on his hands and knees for a minute or two if we put him there haha.
My most favorite time is helmet-free time when I get to snuggle and smooch those cute little cheeks for as long as I want!  Well.....for an hour :)

Love you Becks!!
Here's a video of his first real belly laugh- apparently me wiping the couch was hilarious.
I love that they are finally starting to play together!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Scarlett's Surgery

My little Ettie girl had to have surgery in November to try to fix her
cute curly pinky toes.  They've been like that since she was born and she always complained about her "owie tootsies" when she wore shoes so we figured we should try to correct it while she is still young.

She was just the cutest patient I've ever seen in her tiny scrubs.

We were told she did great during the procedure and coming out of anesthesia.  She didn't cry or anything, just wanted some water and to watch Frozen of course.
She got the royal treatment as they transferred her to her room in a little wagon.

You'd think with all that had happened to her, the little pulse oximeter sticker would be the least of her worries: but no.  That was what made her completely lose her mind.  I felt for that poor nurse who had to deal with trying to keep that thing on continuously!

She was such a rude little terror during the whole pulse ox ordeal that the nurse finally called and convinced the doc that she didn't need to keep it on all the time.  After that Scarlett was as happy as could be :)
Just a couple of hours went by and we could not keep her in bed anymore.  Still wobbly from anesthesia and now with two slippery casts, she crawled around those nasty hospital hallways with her daddy and then did some bowling.
 She walked right on out of that hospital like a boss

Those bright pink casts couldn't keep this spunky girl down or from doing the things she loved.  Within a day or two she was pretty much back go normal:  playing with her brother, rolling in the leaves, playing her new favorite game of "doctor", and swinging on the swings.  All just a little slower than usual ;)

All around she was just a pretty happy girl!  But I'm SO glad we only had those things for three weeks- they were so heavy and annoying!
Her toes looked pretty good when the casts came off but now they're starting to curl back :(
Pretty frustrating, but we'll see how they turn out with time.
Since we stayed inside most of the day, this is what she'd do all day long.  Lots of dancing!