The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday night in the Candle light

I love my husband more than anything,
and one of the things I love most about him
is that he'll put up with my
love of cute and romantic things :)
We started off the evening with a nice workout
and then made some chicken cordon bleu (spelling?)
However, after we showered, I decided we needed to cutesy
up our night a little bit.
So I got in a dress, put out the candlesticks that I've been dying to use,
and brought out the sparkling cider that we got for our wedding
and haven't yet used.

Chris, in his pajamas, just laughed and asked if I would like him
to change and dress up as well.
Always so willing to make me happy :)
But no, I did not make him change.
The food was delicious,
the atmosphere romantic,
and I was giddy the whole time.
PS- What would a candelit dinner be without some Seinfeld??

Autumn Date

Although I hate being cold more than anything in the world,
I absolutely LOVE the feeling of fall.
The crisp air, the changing leaves, the holidays just around the corner.
It's just so happy!
And we couldn't let October go by without having a date night
to celebrate.
We got together with our friends Rob and Susan
and spent the evening carving pumpkins,
making caramel apples,
and topping it off with a scary movie.

And I don't know what happened,
but literally like a day and a half after we bought
and decorated our pumpkin,
I took another picture and once the flash came on.....

This is the horror I encountered.
Needless to say, I screamed and had Chris toss
it out as soon as he got home from work.
Kind of a bummer that we don't have a pumpkin for Halloween :(
So gross...

Padres in OK!

Welcome to Oklahoma, Mom and Dad!
I am so SO happy that my padres made the trip
out to visit Chris and I.
It was so good to see them and show them all around
where we've been living for the past year.
I felt bad because we tried to flip our schedules so
we could be up during the day with them,
and I was probably acting like a zombie most of the time,
and did fall asleep in the middle of our activities on ocassion.
But overall, it was awesome.
We took them to all of our favorite restaurants,
the Oklahoma City bombing Memorial,
the firemen's museum (which my mom was pretty dang excited about),
Pop's on Route 66,
and spent the rest of the time visiting and baking!
It was so great to see them,
I miss living close to family!

Our Newest Addition

We finally did it,
we bought ourselves a pet!
Say hello to Howie the ferret- another one of my birthday presents :)

One day we just decided to walk around Petco
and saw these adorable little things
and fell in love instantly.
A couple of weeks went by
and we decided that Howie was lonely and needed a friend,
so then came Roxie :)
So basically we're now "weird ferret people"
..Not really, but there are some weirdies
online that are absolutely obsessed with them.
They're fun and keep us entertained on our nights off!

Legal and Lovin Life

Finally 21!! 
Hooray, I was getting tired of people asking me how
old I was at work and them thinking I was a baby.
Chris totally spoiled me on my birthday,
it was pretty much a three day celebration.
On day one we got a couples massage!
We've been wanting to get one for the longest
time but couldn't find a good place to do it.
And as a bonus they gave us half off for being
healthcare workers!
Needeless to say, we will definitely be going back,
it was heavenly.
Chris had been asking me what I wanted
for my brithday and I told him all
I wanted to celebrate my legal status
is to have mock-tails,
since we don't drink anyways.
So my friend Shally asked me if I would go shopping
with her and when we got back to her apartment,
my cute husband was awaiting with a surprise party!
He's so thoughtful, he got all the goodies
needed to make lots of yummy mocktails.
So fun :)

Then on day three, we went out to a lovely dinner,
where I had the most AMAZING steak of my life.
(I've always been a steak and potatoes kind of girl)

And then we went and saw Blue Man Group!
I had bought the cheapest tickets I could find
and when we got there, some random nice fellow
had two extra tickets right up front.
Score!  It was super fun.
Chris also spoiled me with a new iPod Shuffle
that I can easily take running with me,
(I lost my other one and was devastated)
and lots of supplies to start learning the art of cake decorating!
My sweet in-laws also gave me a new stethoscope! (Pink, obviously)

Such a fun birthday,
and the best part is that I got to spend
it with the most incredible man in the world :)
Oh PS- I'm technologically challenged,
and if anyone knows the best way to upload pictures
from iphones to blogs, feel free to comment!
I've been emailing them to myself and it's a hassle,
plus they either come up super small or super blurry :(