The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Saturday, January 11, 2014

5 Months

My little love is growing up!!
This needs to slow down, it's going by waaaay too fast.
It's been the best five months ever-
She always brightens up our days and makes life so fun.
We finally got her in to see the pediatrician-
she's a whopping 16 pounds 13 ounces,
85th percentile for weight and length,
and a gigantic 98th percentile for head circumference!!
That's ok, more of that precious face to love on :)
She took her shots like an absolute champ
and even had enough smiles to finish out the day with a photoshoot.
Little Scarlett Claire is getting more social and interactive;
nearly everyone she meets says she's the happiest
baby they've ever seen and that "she never cries".
Hahaha, little do they know :)
But it's true that she is very good-natured and smiles nearly all the time.
I was so excited to try out my new backdrop for some pictures,
but once we finally got it all set up, it was cranky nap time.
I decided I'd put her in front of it just
to test out a couple quick snapshots,
and she surprised us all when she stopped crying
and gave lots of big smiles!
She makes this photography thing pretty easy :)
Aren't her thighs magnificent??

Scarlett rolls from her tummy to back
but still can't quite go the other way.
She loves to grab, especially our faces and Chris's arm hair,
and she's getting quite strong...ouch.

We're also working on sitting up,
maybe by next month's post she'll have it down!
She started solid foods for the first time
which was pretty adorable, and extremely messy.

She also loves to stare at people,
she will just sit and study your face forever.
Some of my favorite moments are sitting in silence and looking back
 into her big gray-blue eyes.

I just adore being her mama!!
Happy 5 months, little munchkin!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby's First Solids

I realize I may over-document
my daughter's life...
but I can't help it,
I want to remember everything!
Even her first try eating rice cereal :)
All ready to go in her high chair and bib!
Mistake #1- leaving her in her cute outfit
for the first attempt of using a spoon, fail.
She was really not sure what to think of it at first.

But she got the hang of it!

Day two went much more smoothly,
and we learned our lesson and stripped her down before we started.
My baby's growing up too fast!

Christmas Part 2

So the second part of our Christmas vacation
was going to beautiful, sunny California!
Chris's family was hoping that
we would come visit, but sly
little Christopher told them that we wouldn't be able
to make it.  I think my mother-in-law
was heartbroken and it was SO hard to keep
her in the dark, but in the end, it was worth it to surprise her.
Mammo was in heaven with the little bean.
Yes, this is real, it was 70-85 degrees the whole time.
We almost didn't come home.

Scarlett unfortunately had a rough couple of days when we
first got there.
She had a fever, a cough, was SO snotty, and
kept grabbing at her ear so we thought she had an ear
infection.  We waited for a while
but she wasn't feeling any better and eventually
had to take her to urgent care and got her some antibiotics-
she got better quickly after that, thank goodness.
It completely broke my heart seeing her so miserable.

Like I mentioned before, we got some Bob Ross
supplies and put our painting skills to the test!
And when I say skills...this was our first time attempting it haha.

But I think for our first try, they turned out pretty good!

Mammo took all the grandkids to build-a-bear,
so precious.

We also got to see a few of our friends
who also have baby girls!
I think it's the sweetest thing ever
seeing my husband and two of his guy friends
holding each other's daughters and talking all about being a dad :)

Chris thinks I'm a hopeless romantic,
and I decided I wanted to go take pictures on
the beach at sunset.
(I also wanted to rent a convertible and drive along
Pacific Coast Highway, but that didn't happen)
Anyway, this was our pretty sunset :)

Random poopy fog! I was so mad!
But Scarlett had so much fun stepping in the bay's water.

Ah, my favorite temple, aside from Timpanogas, where we got married.
The San Diego temple is so gorgeous!
I'm glad I was finally able to go to this one.

We got to go to a delicious Indian restaurant
with the family, it was so pretty.

We loved being able to spend time with Chris's side of the family.
We love them so much!!

Christmas Part 1

What a wonderful and beautiful time of year!
I'm sad that it's already over.
It was so great to spend the holidays with our families
this year- it'd been too long since we'd seen everyone.
Games, snow, music, food, hot chocolate,
and loved ones...what more could a girl want?
Even though Scarlett is still a little young too
understand anything about Christmas,
it was still so much fun to have a child to shop for
and make the holidays special for.
We spent Christmas eve with all my siblings and their families.
Sadly, all the kids were sick as could be
and had to wear masks the whole time haha.
Scarlett got some cute PJs to match the other
grandkids, but hers were a bit too big.

We had a family talent show,
who knew all of my siblings AND their spouses
were so musically talented? Loved it.

We went to the mall on Christmas Eve
(definitely the time to go, there was NO one in line for Santa)
and Scarlett most definitely pooped her pants while
on his lap.
I didn't notice until a little after, so hopefully it
didn't get all over him :)

A lovely Christmas Eve dinner of Panda Express

Chris's favorite gift, a collection of Bob Ross
DVD's.  I thought he was such a nerd for liking
it, but I will admit they are pretty amazing,
and we may or may not have gone out
and gotten the supplies and did a painting :)
(pictures to come)

Christmas day!!

Scarlett's very own stocking

I was  pretty excited about opening up my gift and
finding a baseboard!  Because I knew what it was for...

Chris built and got supplies for my own little photography studio!!!
By far the best gift EVER.
We will be trying it out today for the first time.
I really really want to get better at photography.

My brother and his wife are the craftiest people I know
and gave these silhouettes of all the grandkids
to my parents...
I've been telling Chris that I think Scarlett's
head is misshapen and this proves it!
Bottom left, still a bit of a cone head haha.

Poor babe was so wiped out from all the excitement.

But that didn't keep her away from our late night game of Shanghai.
She's got quite the poker face.

I love having a sister
that is such an experienced and wonderful mama.
I can ask her advice on anything,
and it's been so fun living closer to her now.
I also love our girls' little bomber hats :)

I just can't get enough of this little doll's face

We went to dinner and to the temple lights
the day after Christmas,
I was so excited to dress her up in her
awesomely warm bear outfit.

Best of all, I love spending time with
this awesome man I get to call my husband :)

Merry Christmas from Utah!
Had to include a video of Scarlett
opening a gift.
I know...pretty exciting stuff!! :)