The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Monday, November 18, 2013

The final countdown

The countdown is OVER, I'm all done with work!! At least in Oklahoma. We're moving to Utah next month, finally! Chris's 3 month internship turned into over two years of us working, going to school, and having a baby. When I went back to work after maternity leave, Chris eased my heartbreak with this adorable chain counting down the days I had left.
He even wrote down Scarlett's thoughts on the matter haha.

So it started off pretty long, I was planning on working up until the time we move...
But after my first week back, the schedules just weren't working out with me on nights so I turned in my two weeks early and got to rip off a lot!
Two more days!
One more day!
During my last shift I forgot my lunch, so Chris brought it to me and I got to show off my cute family to my coworkers.
ALL DONE!!!! I can't believe it. This has really been an amazing job. I've loved the people and patients I got to work with and am so grateful for the experience I've gained. I'm gonna miss this place! But I'm excited to see what adventures lay ahead for us!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

3 Months

Oh how the time flies!
I'm a little late with her 3 month post because Somebody forgot
to have the chalk board present during the photo shoot.
....Ok that somebody was me...oops :)
But that's ok, cause we got some pretty dang cute daddy-daughter
pictures out of it!
So we did round 2 today.

She's getting so big!
She's become quite the little chatterbox.  Chris calls her
little coos her dinosaur noises, cause they're
really squeaky and high pitched.
Her biggest development is she LAUGHED!
The video is on facebook,
and it was a huge miracle, because that was literally the first
and last time that I heard it, so it was amazing that we caught
it on video.  I haven't gotten her to laugh since.

Such a daddy's girl!
And Chris just went and did an unofficial weight
and she is almost 15 pounds...holy cow haha.


 This picture seriously melts my heart.
The main bit of news for this  month is that I went back to work.
It was the hardest thing I've ever done.
I'm pretty sure I scared Chris with what a wreck I was,
you would've thought that I was never going to see Scarlett again
with how much I cried when I went for my first shift.
(But then again, it was also because it was her first Halloween that I was missing)
But honestly, I'm glad I went back because it made me realize
how much I completely adore being a mom.
I would be giddy with excitement driving home cause I couldn't
WAIT to see Chris and Scarlett.
It was super hard, though, since Chris is still going to school
during the day.  I would be up with Scarlett while he was at
school and then go to work at night.
No sleep for me :)

She is just the center of our world,
I love every second that we get to spend with her.
There's nothing that I'd rather be doing :)
I'm trying to think of any other new developments...
She continues to lose her hair, but I am optimistic that it will grow
back soon, hopefully.
Other than that, she's just a joy to be around and overall
a super happy baby..
(Though she's screaming bloody murder as I type this haha)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

When daddy dresses me

I'm always curious to see what Scarlett's going to be wearing after my sweet husband gets her dressed. I'm either really amused or really pleasantly surprised. It doesn't always match and sometimes she's wearing a boyish outfit ( some people at my baby shower didn't know what gender I was having) but it always brings a smile to my face. 
The other day Chris was so sweet to wake up with her and before he left for school he told me that she was fed, changed, and dressed. He's such a good dad! And this is how I found her :)

In a church dress, size newborn, that was too small for her a week after she was born hahaha.

It looks more like a shirt, but it was too funny to change her so she wore it all day.

Those buttons can only dream of closing :)

And then sometimes he goes to change her and she comes out looking adorable! What an amazing daddy she has :)