The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Funny Valentine

That frank Sinatra song has been stuck in my head for the past couple of days. That's the only line I know so I've been serenading Chris with made up lyrics- his favorite thing I do :)
But anyways, we celebrated valentines early since I'm working that night, and it was lovely getting to spend time with my one and only.
We had a spontaneous date on Tuesday to boondocks to play some games and have dinner. They got into the holiday spirit and made a heart shaped pizza, too precious!
Then yesterday Chris surprised me with a mani/pedi appointment! He's the best. It was so relaxing, AND when I got home the house was spotless, what more could a girl want?? Oh, chocolate obviously :) I hinted at that one.
Then I gave him his gift- a little something for the five senses: cologne, candy, a coupon for a duet recording session, a back massage thing, etc. I thought it turned out pretty cute. 

Then we got ready for our date! On an unrelated note- tunics really are a pregnant girls best friend. They are SO comfy!
We dropped the babe off with some friends and had a delicious meal at one of our favorite places, La Jolla Grove. 
I love Scarlett, but it's nice to get out just the two of us every once in a while. It was a perfect day with my love!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Suprise 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Happy birthday to this cute 1-year-old!!
I was so excited to take this handsome dude's first year photos.
Is he not adorable?!

My favorite :)
Very own cake to smash into = pure happiness.

Happy birthday Landon!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy V Day!! {24 weeks}

24 weeks- happy viability day, little man!
You can survive outside the womb at this point, and that is a huge milestone to reach.
 I don't know if I subconsciously try to avoid thinking about the reality of a baby
 until after this point just in case something were to happen,
but this week I've really gotten into baby mode.
Everything little boy has been on my mind:
 what I want his nursery to look like,
 the fact that I should probably buy him at least a few articles of clothing,
and most importantly, WHAT is this little dude's name going to be.
 I get so tired of looking at "top name" lists and reading the same ones over and over,
especially since I don't really want a popular name.
Suggestions are more than welcome :)
I'd like to say that I'm handling this pregnancy beautifully,
 but I gotta be honest, this last month has kinda kicked my booty.
 Mainly due to one annoying problem that I have which is pelvic pain.
I had it with Scarlett closer to the end of my pregnancy,
 but it's already worse than it ever was with her.
Some days I can hardly bear weight to walk.
I want to be healthy and tried doing a mild elliptical workout last week and that just about killed me. So then I get down on myself for feeling like a fat blob that can't do anything,
 as well as a bad mom cause I can't play with/pick up Scarlett nearly as well as I used to.
It's all very discouraging.
Especially since I went to a chiropractor yesterday only to be told that there's basically nothing I can do and that it'll only get worse the farther along I get.
BUT, other than that I feel pretty good,
apart from the expected heartburn and clumsiness and pregnancy brain.
Baby seems to be doing really well and that's of course the most important thing.
It's going by so fast and that makes me happy because we can't wait to meet this little guy!!