The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scarlett is 2!

We've got a 2-year-old on our hands!  Ah!
I'm so scared for the "terrible-twos",
especially since Scarlett has been strong-willed and stubborn
for quite a while already.
BUT, she is also the sweetest and happiest little girl I know.

Scarlett's favorite movie is Monsters University,
so I made that her "theme", though I didn't go all-out like I did for her 1st birthday.

I attempted doing "mike wyzowski" cupcakes...
haha meaning green cool whip and oreo creams for the eyeballs.

We had lots of fun at her swim party with all of her new friends in Omaha.

Beckham didn't have as much fun, though ;)

Scarlett's tricks:
-counting to 10, and sometimes up to 15 (rarely in order though)
usually she says "4, 9, 10!"
-summersaults! she's rocking them.  And now she's in her first gymnastics class.
Her teacher says she loves the "high" bar.  She also loves trying to do the splits.
-Jumping and hopping
-Running:  She sprints away from me whenever she gets the chance.  And now
loves to find anything that she can get on the opposite side of (car, coffee table, dumpster)
and run around so I can't catch her.  She's getting FAST.  Drives me nuts.
-Favorite new phrase "No!  Stop it!  Go away!" Thanks to the little
girl sitting in front of us in church a couple weeks ago...
-Favorite movies: Monsters U, Toy Story, and "Food show" (cloudy with a chance of meatballs)
-Loves "exercising" with mommy and daddy: aka trying to copy the things we do
but eventually giving up and just climbing on top of us and giving hugs
while we're on the ground doing abs.
-Favorite foods: mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, soup, cheese, and grapes.
Oh...and "pops" (lollipops)
-Still not potty trained....we tried working on it and I decided we'd give it a little more time ha.
This picture shows her personality perfectly.
So happy, spunky, and full of life and gusto.

Scarlett is such a sweetheart and adds so much joy to our lives.
Happy 2nd birthday, Ettie girl!!


Saturday, August 15, 2015

3 months

Little Beck is 3 months old now!
He finally seems like he's not a newborn anymore.
He's more sturdy, more smiley, and showing more and more personality each day.

 From what I've seen, it seems like he's going to be a sensitive soul
with a tender heart :)
He gets his feelings hurt pretty easily
and has a pretty great lower lip quiver to preceed his meltdowns.

 I finally got him into the pediatrician!
I was a bit surprised by his percentages since I'm used to Scarlett being
in the 90th percentiles for everything.
He's 40th % for weight, 20th% for height (poor lil shorty!),
and 90TH for head!  Ha!
All my kids are going to have gigantic heads.
It's also pretty mis-shapen.
We have to do exercises with him and possibly need to go to physical therapy
to avoid a helmet, ah!
 He loves his playmat, watching Scarlett entertain him (when she's not kicking him in the face
or laying on top of him with her "hugs")
and is starting to discover his hands.

 Still no giggle, but he's getting SO close!
I'm predicting any day now!

 Boo, we hate the hiccups!
(And mommy trying to have a photoshoot during them)

We love this little man so much!
Happy three months!