The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Friday, December 20, 2013

Utah Bound

The time has finally arrived to leave Oklahoma!
Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed where we lived and all the great
people we met,
but it will be so  nice to be close to family now.
We celebrated our last night by going out for pizza at the 
same place we ate at when I went into labor with this little cutie!
Last time I was there I really couldn't enjoy the pizza very
much as I was breathing through contractions.
We've come full circle!

So we finally got all packed, the house cleaned,
and Scarlett dressed in her warm PJ's for the trip
when she decided to perform a little magic trick and defy the law of gravity...

How this is even possible, I don't know....
But of course ALL of her other clothes were packed away
except for an emergency onesie in the diaper bag.
So I was the mom who had the baby out
in the cold with nothing but a short sleeve onesie and no socks.
My mother would be so disappointed in me.

Goodbye to our cute house!!

My cute lil truckers :)
This was the worst part of the trip.
Chris had to drive our moving truck ahead of us towing his car
and I followed behind with the babe.
It should've been about an 18 hour trip, but stopping every 2-3 hours
to feed the little one turned it into about 24 :/
Scarlett had her fill of the car seat after about the first 8 hours....

My husband doesn't like me haha.
He is so spoiled with our king sized bed that he refused to
share a queen with me at the hotel, and therefore had to get a room with two beds
so he wouldn't have to snuggle up ... so ridiculous lol.

Had to document the granny pants!
Our choices for clothes were quite limited.
Oh but don't worry, she pooped all over this one right after we put it on too.

All in all we survived the trip,
we only had around 6 diaper blowouts,
1 wrong turn,
0 flat tires,
5 emotional breakdowns
(1 from me and 4 from the babe....the last one lasting the final four hours of the trip)
3 sketchy gas stations,
4 hours with no internet connection or cell service,
1 dinner comprised of vending machine snacks,
about 40 girl scout cookies (not so delicious after the first 20 or so),
3 sore tushies from sitting so long,
4 phone calls to the parents to try to remember how to get back
to the house I grew up in (I's sad)
but one big happy family reunion when we finally got there!

It was so fun to unite the little one with her extended family :)
Here's grandma...

Aunt Ciara

Her soon-to-be best friend, Cousin Aspen

Of course, my dear friend, Stacy.

In heaven cuddling with these two cuties!

My cute dad absolutely adores Scarlett.
He's always wanting to hold her, comments on how cute her clothes are,
and even changed her dirty diaper today :)
That's love, I tell ya.

And of course, had to include our first family photo with Santa!
We went to the fun center's Christmas party last night,
and my dad said that Santa would be there to take pictures,
but we were lied to.
So my dad was a champ and dressed up himself just for us!

We're so happy to be here
and start this new chapter in our lives!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

4 months

 My little one is 4 months old!
I definitely sang "Happy Birthday" to her this morning.
Every month is so exciting and comes around so fast.

Chris and I were marveling last night about how
amazing it is to see this little person
learn new things.
It probably sounds silly, but watching this little
child go from absolutely nothing, just laying
around like a limp noodle,
to looking and reaching and grabbing
and being curious and smiling when she looks at you...
There's really nothing else like it :)

Though I loved her as a newborn,
she is so much more fun now haha.
I could just play with her all day....and that's
pretty much exactly what I do :)

We had to postpone her 4 month appointment until
we move to Utah due to insurance stuff,
but we performed our own
little growth charting session the other night.
She weighed in at 15.8 pounds, 75 ish percentile.
She was above 95th percentile in length
and around 50 percent for head circumference....
which I'm not too convinced is correct
cause she's got quite the  noggin.

She's occasionally sticking out her tongue,
but her current fixation is her little hands and fingers.
Yesterday, she started playing with her toes too.

We enjoyed snuggling up during Scarlett's first snowstorm!
What the heck, I thought I didn't have to deal with this
much snow until we moved to Utah, boooo.
But it was fun to bust out the sweaters and hoodies.

I got sick last weekend, and poor little thing also caught her
first cold :(  Aw it breaks my heart hearing
her all stuffed up and coughing and knowing
that I made her sick :(
(But she does have the cutest little coughs I've ever heard)
Plus the snuggles are AMAZING when she feels crummy.

Her muscles are getting stronger!
She rolls from her tummy to back,
and we're convinced that she has the ability to go the other way,
but she HATES tummy time so much that
she probably never will.
She'll probably skip crawling altogether just because she
hates being on her tummy.
Below: Her head is just a little too large
to keep it up on her own :)  She just falls forward.

Scarlett's first birthday party experience complete with face painting :)
Adorable, yes, but kind of a pain to get off.

Those thunder thighs have been put to good use!
She absolutely loves standing,
and we discovered she can do it on her own leaning
against a table.

I promise we don't just stick our
child in front of the TV..
(Well, sometimes Chris does without my knowledge lol)
But we were working on rolling over and then
I found her fixated on the screen...ugghhh

Starting to hold her own bottle to Chris's excitement.

The other night Chris and I were working
on our Scarlett facial impressions.
Apparently I'm not very good, according to Chris.

Our biggest news this month is that we're MOVING on SATURDAY!!
Utah, here we come!!
I could not be more excited.
Packing, however, has proved to be quite difficult with a baby hanging around.
Yesterday I came up with the best idea EVER though to
keep her happy and occupied :)
Thank goodness for bumbos and mirrors.

Funny story of the week:
Scarlett was born with adorable fuzzy ears :)
Haha they had quite the little tuft of hair
and it was adorable, of course.
The other day I went to play with her ears, as usual,
and noticed they felt entirely too soft and smooth.
I told Chris, "Hunny, her ear hair fell out!"
He got this weird expression on his face....
then explained..
"Well yeah, cause I cut it off last week"
He trimmed her ears!
I was so upset, cause I loved her ears just the way they were,
but what can ya do? :)
I don't know how it's possible,
but our love for Scarlett just continues to grow!
She makes our lives so much better!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving (& other miscellaneous goodies)

We were so happy that we could visit
Chris's sister and her family in Omaha for Thanksgiving.
We had so much fun spending time with them!
Scarlett did so well on the drive there (8 hours)
but not too well on the way home.
We stopped midway for some delicious BBQ and got
this lovely thug picture of her.
Already rocking the LAFD pride.

Our first day there we played some RACQUETBALL.
Oh my, oh my.
I haven't played my favorite sport in over 2 years
and it was soooo magical to play again.
(Though I was super rusty)

This was Scarlett's first time wearing real-ish clothes
rather than onesies.
Ahhh jeans and a sweater, so precious.

Scarlett loved playing with cousin Kate.
Kate was so cute with her:
she sang to her, played with her, and notified us
immediately if Scarlett was ever sad or fussy :)
Such a good helper.

Where's Waldo?

Cuddles with Daddy

She wasn't loving it as much as Chris was..

We also went to the gingerbread house display
at Winter Quarters, there were soooo many!

There were pioneer clothes there that the kids could dress
up in, Kate was the cutest little pioneer there ever was.

But Scarlett was pretty dang cute too in that bonnet.

We saw the Winter Quarters temple
(I think that's its name?)
So pretty, but obstructed by a windshield and a tree.

Scarlett does this new thing lately where
she is so obsessed with lips.
When she eats, she just plays with my lips the whole time.
It's pretty cute unless she has long nails....kinda painful.

We had such a fun trip!
Thank you Sarah, Ryan, and Kate for letting
us come for a visit!  Can't wait to see you guys
again soon hopefully.
After we got home I put Scarlett down on her playmat.
I'm worried that I have a TV addict on my hands.
She is so infatuated with it.
I put her down facing away from the TV
(I'm paranoid about it being too fast paced for her)
and next thing I know she's turned 90 degrees
and happily watching the show.

I love how snuggly she is in the morning.

She's rolling over!  With some assistance :)