The Lillenbergs

The Lillenbergs

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nap Time

Nap time is probably the greatest time of day.
Don't get me wrong, I completely adore Scarlett and
love the time I get to spend with her,
but I'm also convinced that nap time was invented to maintain a mom's sanity :)
Bar none, the hardest decision I have to make every day
is what to do with my precious 45-90 minute break while
my precious babe gets her beauty rest.
I almost always want to take a nap with her, and sometimes I do.
But it's quite disappointing when it takes me a while to fall asleep
and then she starts crying as soon as I drift off.
So do I try to work out quickly? 
I could...but then I usually don't have time to shower
afterwards.  So it takes up two naptimes, a total of about five hours,
to work out and then look like a mess until I am able to shower and get ready
when the next nap comes around.
And then there's cleaning....
Cleaning and folding laundry is nearly impossible when she's awake
because she conveniently follows right behind me to undo everything I've just done.
Plus... do I really want to use my precious alone time to work more?
...Not usually :)
SO, I usually just end up being a bum and watch TV, edit pictures,
or in this case, use naptime to blog about what to do during my next nap time :)
Random thoughts from a sleepy mama!
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 months

10 Months today!!
Scarlett has been so much fun this past month.
She entertains herself much more, so she doesn't get
as grumpy when we're not holding her
(Thank goodness, cause she is getting heavy!!)
Last appointment she was 20 pounds and 28 inches long,
that put her in about the 50th percentile for weight and height
(thinning out!), but still 90th percentile for her large head :)

 She is so curious and can't stand staying still.
Yesterday I went to Kohls and the strap on the baby seat in
the stroller was broken, and she was trying to stand and climb and turn around.
I eventually had to just carry her in one arm (while she was trying to grab everything
in reach) and try to steer the cart with the other hand. 
I was literally sweating and panting by the time I got done.
It's a workout trying to keep up with her!

She loves anything to do with music-
whether it's banging on the piano keys, playing her xylophone,
or dancing and wiggling everytime a song comes on.

She's learned to clap and is quite proud of herself for it.

She's finally figured out her walker!
She pushes that thing all around the house,
and today she took some steps just holding onto my dad's finger
with one hand.
She can balance standing for a few seconds at a time.
I have a feeling it won't be long until she can walk all on her own!

She's also become quite the gymnast.
Just in the past couple of days she's started doing head stands.
She also climbs over everything and isn't afraid to tumble
over things.

So photogenic :)
Some highlights from the past month:
Scarlett played with her first puppy,
and we were so smitten that we seriously considered adopting it.
To my delight, she was able to squeeze into her size NEWBORN romper, haha!!
A little snug though :)

She's enjoying bathtime more and more,
post-bath snuggles are my absolute favorite!

Her hair is growing!!  It's just so thin that you normally can't tell,
but when it's wet, I can put it in a little Mohawk :)
(Still no teeth though!)

Pool time is hit or miss with her.
She'll usually tolerate it for a while, but then just wants to get out and
play in the sun.  Like mother, like daughter, I guess!

Happy 10 months sweet thing!!